Wicked Problem Part B

T-P: The dynamic geometry is the technology piece and using inquiry tasks with writing across is my pedagogy piece. I want to increase how the amount of dynamic geometry I use in my classes but the more significant change is the inquiry piece and the writing piece. While I will still use direct instruction and the Socratic Method in my classroom, I know that using inquiry tasks will help my students and I see this type of task as the sweet spot of technology and pedagogy.

T-C: Mathematical texts run hundreds of pages and weigh enough to rip book bags. Still, there are usually only one or two pictures of parallel lines and the parallel lines are inevitably horizontal. While pictures certainly help student understanding, their static nature can lead to student misconceptions. Being able to move drawings helps visual and kinesthetic learning and is an excellent visual representation of mathematical content.

P-C: Inquiry based learning, higher order thinking skills and writing are commonly believed to be excellent methods of teaching. These methods will be used with content that has been approved by the State of Michigan, the New Common Core and content I believe is important for our students to know.

2 thoughts on “Wicked Problem Part B

  1. Eric

    I think this is a great project. Your vision to use the common core is wonderful to see. I think that it is much easier to be the leader then try to catch up when the mandates come done.

  2. The Common Core is thankfully 95% compatible with the current state standards or maybe even closer. Algebra just hasn’t changed all that much in the last 100 years.

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